About the KBCA

Our History

The Korea Blockchain Association is
committed to the continuous innovation and growth of the
blockchain industry and market while ensuring the development of
technological and industrial
competitiveness through
research, structural improvement and proposal of policies
to achieve these goals.
We promote cooperation with companies,
government departments, agencies and associations.

  • 2018

    • January 26 th KBCA Founded,
      Inauguration of the First Chairman, Mr. Dae Jae Jin

      KBCA Founded and inauguration of First Chairman, Mr. Dae Jae Jin

    • May 1 st First Seminar on the Self Regulation of the Industry

      First Seminar on Industry Self Regulation

    • June 16 th Opening of the First Blockchain Campus

      Opening of First Blockchain Campus

  • 2019

    • June 24 th Inauguration of the Second Chairman,
      Dr. Kap Soo Oh

      Inauguration of Second Chairman, Dr. Kap Soo Oh

    • July 12 th Strategy Committee established

      July 24 th Global Cooperation Committee established

    • August 21 st Consumer Protection Committee and
      Tax Development Committee

    • September 23 rd Executive Secretary Nominated

    • October 8 th Financial Services Cooperative Committee established

      October 21 st Blockchain Industry Development
      Committee established

      October 22 nd Research Committee established

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  • F. +82-2-6412-4776
  • E-mail.